How To Kill Fruit Flies

Ten Recommended Tips
on How to Kill Fruit Flies

Gnats in the house, fruit flies in
house then, how can we kill flies?

Facing a major battle with fruit fly
infestation can be unsatisfactory to most homes. You know how hard it can be to
kill fruit flies or gnats instantly. In fact, tiny pests can breed quickly and
they can survive for longer hours after throwing suspected vegetables and
fruits. It requires persistence and patience to win the clash against fruit
flies and gnats in the house.

It you’re getting impatient with the
nuisance of these pests, take some time to read on the ten recommended tips on
how to kill flies. Eliminate any possible breeding site to be found in your
home in order to finally get rid of them. Below are ten of the tips you can
follow so that you kill pests at early hour as possible:

  • Dispose
    all of the rotting vegetables and fruits. First thing and foremost, seeing
    fruit flies or gnats in the house is quite annoying so you must wash them
    away. Any oozing liquid or ripen fruit, or anything that has been broken
    or cut must go! But never throw them on compost or garbage bin unless
    otherwise the compost bin is located far from your place. Bag them up and
    instantly throw them on the trash. If residual mess is left behind, you
    should clean it up again.
  • Clean and
    Empty Recycling Cans. Gnats in the house prefer to stay on fermented or
    sweet place, but with less moisture such as wine bottles, soda cans and
    beer cans. After dumping the produce, point your attention towards the
    recycling bin. Take all cans and bottles out for the truck to pick it up.
    Then allow the bin for a thorough scrubbing in order to remove beer, juice
    and wine residue.
  • Take all
    of the compost fragments outside. Kitchen scraps should be composted as
    gnats in the house will also be eliminated. But if fruit flies in house
    kept on buzzing about, it will now be the right time to clean the compost
    bin itself. As the infestation is taken under control, you may straightly
    produce scraps on your compost pile. All compost containers must be
    emptied if you keep it indoors, might as well give them a nice scrubbing,
  • Replace
    dishrags, old sponges and mops. Fruit flies in house breed quickly on mops
    and sour sponges, too. Kitchen mop and sponges must be refilled as always,
    finally replace them. Similarly, reusable dishrags must be thrown away in
    your washing station or area.
  • Clean
    juice or wine glasses and dishes immediately. It is advised not to wait
    until tomorrow before you wash all the dishes, especially since they
    contain residues like wine or jelly. Rinse the dishes thoroughly so you
    can remove any beverage or food bits. Scrape leftovers from the garbage
    but throw the trash outside of your house with no further delay. A
    dishwasher is useful when rinsing the dishes so you can be able to load
    it, and soon you can run the load. This is considered one of the good tips
    on how to kill fruit flies effortlessly.
  • Check
    onion and potato storage bins. Since many people store onions, root
    vegetables and potatoes on a cupboard and dark bin, gnats in the house may
    come out unexpectedly. If fruit flies in house persist, check the storage
    areas as an old and rotting produce is present. Imagine only an old potato
    will take a bigger population of fruit flies to go to your kitchen.
    Dispose any squashy onions and potatoes, and treat the bin for a thorough
    cleaning before you refill it with those fresh ones.
  • Set vinegar
    traps on difficult areas. Sometimes the surest way to kill the population
    of fruit flies and gnats in the house is to swab out all flies adults that
    reproduce quickly. Luckily, not all fruit flies are smart as you may
    probably think of. If anything smells out like a fermented fruit, they’ll
    basically drop off right there. Better to set vinegar traps on difficult
    areas at home so that you can swiftly get rid of the entire population of
    fruit flies and gnats in the house. Traps can instantaneously reduce them
    so probably set it ready into your home.
  • Fix
    garbage disposals. They must be free from organic matter. Garbage
    disposals should properly be fixed so that in just a few days fruit flies
    in house won’t continue roaming around.
  • The
    kitchen must be provided with a thorough cleaning. Food bits may
    accumulate inside a kitchen due to a stubborn infestation of gnats in the
    house. Give it a break by taking elbow grease to catch all food sources.
  • Doing
    your own canning may include of sealing the jar lids completely. This is
    mostly not applicable to all, but fruit flies in the house are sometimes
    traced due to improper sealing of fruit or jar preserves and any other
    canning products. Keeping homemade sauces or jellies on hand may make time
    for you to check on the seals. You surely won’t want to eat something out
    of an improper sealed jar, anyway, right?

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